Free Desexing Program

The Mansfield Community Pet Support Package is being offered by Council for vulnerable residents with companion animals. 

The program offers free desexing and microchipping services for all eligible residents of the Mansfield Shire, and is made possible with Victoria State Government support through the Animal Welfare Fund Grants Program and backing from local veterinary clinics, encourages responsible pet ownership

The funds are available for a range of concession card holders and disadvantaged families and individuals in our Municipality who struggle to afford these services for their companion animals.

Local vets and Council’s emergency relief, community project partners may also make referrals.

Council will waive the initial registration fees for non-registered animals where the pet is desexed and microchipped as part of the program. Ongoing registration fees will also be lower – as applies to all desexed dogs and cats.

Free registration is provided under amnesty, no fines will be issued for unregistered animals accepted to the program

The Mansfield Community Pet Support Package has been extended until 30 June 2024, or the until funding is exhausted.

Residents who wish to access the relief package may obtain vouchers from the Mansfield Shire Council offices on presentation of their concession card, or referral.

For those with mobility issues who cannot attend in person please call Mansfield Shire Council on 5775 8555.

Is there a limit to the number of pets that are covered by this program?

Yes, the funding application will provide desexing and microchipping for pets owned by an estimated 78 vulnerable or disadvantaged families. One the funding has been allocated the program will close.

Are there any special terms or conditions with the Mansfield Community Pet Support Package?


Program Terms and Conditions

  1. Free de-sexing and microchipping of pets is available to Mansfield Shire Residents who hold a Pension, Health Care, Low Income Health Care, Commonwealth Seniors Health or Veterans Affairs card, or are referred by project partner.
  2. Owners responsible for clinic booking and MUST mention voucher when making appointment.
  3. Mansfield Shire Council holds no responsibility for additional vet fees that may be required.
  4. To benefit from this package Mansfield Shire Council pet registration is compulsory. One year’s free pet registration is included for non-registered animals.
  5. This voucher is not transferable, and valid for one month from date of issue
  6. Mansfield Shire Council reserves the right to request proof of ownership and refuse any application.

Can I see my preferred Vet?


The following Veterinary Clinics are involved in the program. If you have no preference a vet will be allocated by Council.

Owners are responsible for all procedure bookings, please note vouchers are valid for one month and must be mentioned at time of booking. 

  • Mansfield Veterinary Clinic
  • Delatite Veterinary Services Mansfield
  • Highett Street Veterinary Hospital

If I do not have an accepted concession card, who can provide a referral for me?

The program partners listed below are all able to assess applicants and provide program referrals.

Project Partners

Mansfield Shire Council:

  • Financial Counsellor
  • Supported Play Groups Facilitator,
  • Maternal Health and Wellbeing Team
  • Community Safety officers
  • Family Integration Unit

Emergency Relief Providers:

  • Mansfield & District Welfare Group
  • Mansfield CWA
  • St Vincent d Paul Society Mansfield Conference
  • Mansfield District Hospital – Social Worker
  • Mansfield Christian Fellowship

Will I be fined if I my pets are not registered?

No, there is an amnesty for non-registered pets.

Council is waiving the fees for non-registered pets and providing one year’s free registration.

Desexed pets are registered at a reduced rate. Ongoing registration is the owner’s responsibility.

If I cannot attend to collect my voucher in person may someone else collect it for me?

Yes, but Council may require a letter of authorisation.  

Applicants who are unable to attend in person, due to mobility issues, may apply by telephone. Council will arrange to send these vouchers direct to the veterinary clinic. Please ask your referee to mention this in the referral. It may also be possible for your pet to be delivered to the veterinarian by the Ranger for desexing if you do not have someone to help you with this.