Mansfield Emergency Services Precinct


The Mansfield Emergency Services Precinct (MESP) will be a fit for purpose infrastructure to reduce the vulnerability of the Mansfield Shire community, increase its capacity to respond to and recover from emergency situations and support the growing resident and visitor populations. A Resilience and Recovery Hub will be constructed within the MESP that co-located SES, CFA and Ambulance Victoria services and including Mansfield Community Radio. The hub will include training facilities, volunteer support facilities and shared administration. 

Why is the Mansfield Emergency Services Precinct a priority?

  • Mansfield Shire's vast tracts of land, topographic isolation and frequency of natural disasters such a bushfires, storms and floods, provide challenges for visitors and the local community.
  • Co-location of centre infrastructure will promote efficiency of emergency response and recovery in Mansfield and is consistent with State Government policies and plans. 
  • Modern central facilities will attract volunteers and greater community effort.
  • Mansfield Ambulance Station is one of the lowest performing stations in the State impacted by travel distances, local geography and patient transfers to Wangaratta and Melbourne.

Why a precinct?

The precinct approach will maximise interaction and integration with Mansfield Resilience Centre facilitating closer partnerships between emergency services agencies and their partners, and supporting programs and activities to increase community resilience and support the valuable work of volunteers. 

MESP Feasibility Study(PDF, 1MB)

Proposed MESP Concept Plan(PDF, 535KB)

MESP Flyer(PDF, 10MB)