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Using our online services, you can:

  • apply for a permit
  • submit a registration or application form
  • make a payment for a registration, infringement, permit, invoice, or your rates.

If you are having trouble with an online application or making a payment, please contact us for assistance.

Animals & Pets

Pay your pet registration online:


Refer to side panel for other methods of payment.

Planning, Building & Infrastructure

Our Plan & Build section provides guidance on how to apply for permits.


Our Business page contains details on how to apply for a permit or register a business.

Apply to film in Mansfield.

Facilities & Events

Local Laws & Parking

Apply for a permit:


Pay your rates online:


Related information

Roads, Drains & Paths

Waste & Bins

Visit Waste Services to apply for a new or additional bin, to up or downsize your bin or to report a stolen, damaged or missing bin.