Vision, Mission & Core Values

Our aspiration for the Shire

We live, work and play in an inclusive, dynamic and prosperous place where community spirit is strong, and people are empowered to engage in issues that affect their lives. 

Our role in realising this aspiration

We cannot achieve our aspiration for the Shire alone. Everyone who lives, works and has a role to play in the services and facilities available to us must work constructively together to achieve our common goals.

The values that drive our Council and administration in the day to day functions are:


Addressing tough issues head on, being accountable for the decisions we make and planning for the long-term future and prosperity of this Shire. We take our role as advocates on behalf of the community very seriously and will work tirelessly to ensure our collective voice is heard.


Working with our community and other key stakeholders to achieve the best possible outcome. Council cannot deliver on the Council Plan without strong and productive partnerships with our community, local businesses, other levels of government and key service providers operating in our municipality.


Achieving the highest standards of good governance, transparency and accountability, driven by our Councillor Code of Conduct and Councillor Charter. We will keep an open mind on all issues until the time comes to decide. Conflicts of interest will be openly declared, and we will always follow the letter of the law in relation to this issue.


Recognising and valuing the diversity of views and needs within our community. We believe it is important to create a respectful, supportive and fair environment where differences are valued and encouraged to support good decision making. Increased understanding and trust between Council and the community is an important way we can foster an inclusive, respectful society.


Exploring and embracing smarter ways to deliver our services. This includes looking at all options for new ways of working, embracing new technology and exploring shared services with other councils and service providers.