About Council Meetings

Council conducts its Council meetings usually on the third Tuesday of each month, commencing at 5.00 pm. Council meetings are livestreamed via Council's YouTube channel.

Additional Council meetings may be held periodically throughout the year as required by Council in order to make decisions to very stringent timelines. All meetings are advertised in the local newspaper (Mansfield Matters section of the Mansfield Courier) and in other local or regional newspapers as required.

Members of the community are always welcome and encouraged to attend any public meetings of Council and to submit their questions using the form provided below.  

Section 60 of the Local Government Act 2020 requires each council to adopt and apply governance rules that describe the way they will conduct council meetings and make decisions. 

Governance Rules determine the way in which Council will:

  • Make decisions fairly and in the best interests of the Mansfield community
  • Elect its Mayor and Deputy Mayor
  • Conduct meetings of Council and Delegated Committees
  • Give notice of meetings and record and make available meeting records
  • Be informed in its decisions making through community engagement advisory committees and reports
  • Require the disclosure and management of conflict of interest
  • Apply rules for the conduct of Council and Councillors during Elections Periods.

Mansfield Shire Council Governance Rules 2022(PDF, 995KB)


When will the Agenda become available on the website?

The Agenda is published on the website on the Friday before the scheduled meeting by 5.00pm.

When will the Minutes become available on the website?

The Minutes are published on the website by 5.00 pm on the Monday following the meeting.