Register an Animal

Did you know?

  • All dogs and cats three months of age and older are required to be registered with Council.
  • A reduced registration fee may apply if your cat or dog meets the requirements set by the State Government, and eligible pensioners are also entitled to a reduced registration fee.
  • Owners of dogs and cats currently registered with Council are required to renew their registration by April 10 each year.
  • Registration and microchipping are NOT the same. Cats and dog being registered for the first time with Council must be implanted with a microchip.
  • All dogs and cats registered with Council are issued with a lifetime tag with a unique number and must be worn on the animal at all times when outside your property.
  • Dogs and cats that are registered with Council and wearing their registration tag can be quickly reunited with their owner should they become lost.
  • Failure to apply or renew the registration of your dog or cat may result in an infringement notice being issued per animal.

Animal Registration Form(PDF, 455KB)

Fees for Animal Registration

Dog and Cat Registration Categories Fee $ Concession $
  • Desexed dog/cats
$47.00 $23.00
  • Dogs/cats over 10 years old
$47.00 $23.00
  • Dogs/cats kept for working stock
$31.00 $16.00
  • Dogs/cats kept for breeding at registered domestic animal business
$47.00 $23.00
  • Dogs/cats that have undergone obedience training with approved organisations
$47.00 $23.00
  • Dogs/cats registered with applicable organisation - owner must also be a member of that applicable organisation
$47.00 $23.00
  • Full Fee: dog/cat not included in above
$172.00 $88.00
  • Dog - declared dangerous, restricted breed and menacing
$333.00 N/A

To qualify for the reduced registration fee you must provide documentary proof or complete a statutory declaration.

State Government Levy

A State Government Levy is applied to all dog and cat registrations and is primarily used to fund responsible pet ownership education programs. This fee is incorporated within your registration payment.