Planning your Event

We strive to stimulate and encourage events that offer the best opportunity to provide measurable economic benefits, to market Mansfield - Victoria's High Country to visitors and enhance local community life through participation of residents. Events can provide a wide range of benefits to the community – socially, economically and culturally.

What is a public event or activity?

A public event is any organised activity held on public or private land open for the general public where an open area, facility, venue, road or temporary structure is to be used by more people than usually found in that location. This activity may affect the location prior to the event, during and after the event.

Mansfield Shire Council is committed to ensuring the health and safety to anyone staging or participating and attending an event within the Shire and how to do this is by completing an Event Management Plan (EMP).

By completing an Event Management Plan (EMP) event organisers demonstrate their desire to carry out their legal duties in the management of events in regards to the health and safety of all participants. It will identify and ensure a plan is in place to manage foreseeable risks associated with the staging of the event. Not all sections will apply to every event but the EMP is a perfect way to consider everything that may impact on your event and the activities around it.

Event Management Plan Template May 2023(DOCX, 1MB)

Event Management Plan Template May 2023.pdf(PDF, 839KB)

Local Laws Permit Application(PDF, 635KB)

The ultimate goal is to stage a successful event with no harm to people or damage to the environment and property.

As a first step, to eliminate any doubts about what your event requires, please contact Council's Economic Development Officer, Tourism & Events. The Officer’s role is to guide event organisers through the EMP process (if required).


Gareth MacDonald
Economic Development Officer
Tourism & Events


Phone: 03 5775 8520