Council Committees

The Local Government Acts 1989 and 2020 acknowledge the need for committees, comprising a cross section of Councillors, Council staff and other persons.

Our Council is represented on a number of Committees, made up of community members, Councillors and experts. 

The Local Government Act 2020 allows for Delegated Committees - a committee that, by Instrument of Delegation, Council may delegate any of its functions, duties or powers to.  Although Mansfield Shire Council has no Delegated Committees, it does have two internal Committees of Council, established with specified membership criteria and Terms of Reference/Charters. There are no Instruments of Delegation for these Committees.

The following Committees have been established for a specific purpose:

Mansfield Shire Audit and Risk Committee

The Local Government Act 2020 mandates the appointment of an Audit and Risk Committee. This Committee reviews financial and risk management systems to assist Council in carrying out its corporate governance responsibilities. It has three independent members, with one holding the role of Chair.  The Committee meets quarterly and requires two Councillor representatives, one of which must be the Mayor.

Mansfield Shire Audit and Risk Committee Charter(PDF, 736KB)

Mansfield Shire Chief Executive Officer Employment Matters Committee

The Committee is established to assist Council to fulfil its responsibilities in relation to employment matters of the Chief Executive Officer, as outlined in Council’s CEO Employment and Remuneration Policy.

CEO Employment Matters Committee Terms of Reference(PDF, 167KB)
CEO Employment and Remuneration Policy(PDF, 179KB)

Councillor Representation on External Committees

There are a number of organisations external to Council's structure which include Council representation or Council nomination of community representation.

More information on these Committees, together with the responsible Councillor, can be found here: