Environment Strategy

Mansfield Shire Council recognises its responsibility as custodian of our community’s natural resources. We aim to achieve maximum benefit to the community from all our resources while valuing and enhancing our natural environment. The environment has been recognised as a key strategic area to achieve our vision for the Mansfield Shire.

The Mansfield Environment Strategy 2019-2023

The Mansfield Shire Environment Strategy was endorsed by Council on 15 October 2019. The Strategy states Council’s position on protecting, preserving and enhancing the environment for the benefit of future generations. 

The strategy is themed around the following four areas:

  1. Waste management and waste education
  2. Water usage and waterway health
  3. Land management and biodiversity
  4. Sustainable development and Climate Change

Actions for Council are listed under each of these themes along with actions that community members can take to support the implementation of the strategy.

Environment Strategy 2019-2023(PDF, 5MB)

The Development of the Environment Strategy

Council's Environment Officer consulted with the Environment Advisory Committee, local environment organisations and Taungurung Lands and Water Council to develop a report for Council on the annual implementation of the Environment Strategy.

Council reported back to the community on the implementation of the environment strategy with respect to the focus areas and the progress towards to the following goals:

  • Reduce waste to landfill
  • Healthy waterways, wetlands and lakes and access to safe, secure and affordable water supplies
  • Diverse and self-sustaining landscapes that support healthy ecosystems now and into the future
  • Our natural resources and environmental values are not compromised by on-going economic development.

For further information on any of the above, please contact Council's Environment Officer on 5775 8555.

Mansfield's Community Environment Groups

There are dedicated community groups within Mansfield Shire who work tirelessly to improve the local environment. New members are always welcome!

Renewable Energy Mansfield (REM)

Renewable Energy Mansfield (REM) was formed to provide affordable and sustainable energy sector options, as well as to advocate for climate change action.

REM was officially formed in November 2018. Immediately, this small group of volunteers set out to deliver on the actions identified in the workshop. REM has hosted a Mansfield Sustainable House Day and run a Heat Pump Hot Water bulk buy. REM members have expertise in community renewable energy and green building design.

The REM group co-designed a Local Power Plan with MP for Indi, Helen Haines, which is just the beginning of what this group has to deliver.

For further information contact:

Andrew Webb


Trust for Nature

The Trust for Nature has already protected more than 80,000 hectares of bush across Victoria. Established under the Victorian Conservation Trust Act (1972), the Trust for Nature is the only Victorian organisation to protect bushland with land management agreements that last forever.

Vision: To protect 1,000,000 hectares of private land to safeguard Victoria's natural heritage.

Mission: Creating solutions that protect and improve biodiversity through private nature conservation.

As an independent, not-for-profit organisation Trust for Nature has grown to:

  • Permanently protect more than 800 private properties, 35,000 hectares, through Conservation Covenants with landholders.
  • Provide ongoing land management support to participating landholders through a stewardship program.
  • Purchase and conserve more than 111 properties including historic sites such as Ned's Corner, near Mildura.
  • Develop a Revolving Fund to buy at-risk properties which are then re-sold with Conservation Covenants.
  • Provide conservation organisations across Australia with advice on Conservation Covenants, as the country's leader in the field.

For more information, visit the Trust for Nature website.


Waterwatch is a national community water quality monitoring network that encourages all Australians to become involved in the protection and management of their waterways and catchments.

The Waterwatch program was established by the Australian Government during 1993. There are now nearly 3000 Waterwatch groups monitoring water quality at over 7000 sites throughout 200 catchments.

Waterwatch groups conduct biological and habitat assessments plus physical and chemical water tests.

The Waterwatch network is made up of individuals, community groups, and school groups. Local Waterwatch facilitators and coordinators support the community to understand, protect and restore waterway and catchment health.

If you are interested in joining the Goulburn Broken Waterwatch, visit their website.


Are you interested in revegetation, protecting native bush, growing indigenous plants, encouraging native grasses, soil conservation, erosion control, weed control and improved land management?

Then contact your local Landcare group, where you can meet like-minded people, work on environmental projects and gain access to resources including grants, books, pamphlets, seedlings and expertise on many of these subjects.

For further information, visit their website or contact:

Kim Magnay
Landcare Facilitator
Up2Us Landcare Alliance
Ph: 03 5779 1539
Email: projects@up2us.org.au