Community Climate Action Groups


Are you interested in revegetation, protecting native bush, growing indigenous plants, encouraging native grasses, soil conservation, erosion control, weed control? Then contact your local Landcare group. Here, you can meet like-minded people, work on environmental projects and gain access to resources including grants, books, pamphlets, seedlings (when available) and expertise on many of these topics.

For more information contact:

Kim Magnay
Landcare Facilitator
Up2Us Landcare Alliance
Ph: 03 5779 1539

Renewable Energy Mansfield (REM)

REM was formed to provide affordable and sustainable energy sector options for Mansfield residents, as well as to advocate for climate change.

We promote resilience within our community by advocating for sustainable change within our energy sectors (water, power, waste).  We aim to be facilitators of community education and a key provider of Climate Change mitigation.

We were key players in the development of the national Local Power Plan in conjunction with MP Helen Haines. All local residents are welcome to attend and contribute our meetings. We look forward to hearing from you.

For more information contact:

Andrew Webb 

Victorian Climate Change Action Groups

Australian Parents for Climate Action

Beyond Zero Emissions

Friends of the Earth Act for Climate