Waste Service Application

  • Our domestic waste collection service entitles ratepayers to one garbage bin (red lid) and to properties with kerbside recycle collection, one recycle bin (yellow lid).
  • The standard 120 litre service will be provided unless a ratepayer has instructed otherwise. This service is not an optional service. The service is provided around a geographical area and there is no option to opt-out of the service. All ratepayers within that boundary are charged. 

Get a New, Additional or Upsize/Downsize Bin

All bin requests will be actioned within 3-5 working days. The delivery of bins requested as part of Council's upsize and/or downsize month of May will commence as of 1 July. 

Stolen Bin

Your new bin will be the same size as the bin that's registered to your property. We’ll aim to replace your missing bin within 3-5 business days.

Damaged Bin

We will replace wheels and pins on garbage or recycling bins free of charge. If your bin has been damaged, please report it. Please be advised that additional charges may apply for replacement of damaged bins and lids.

Missed Bin

Where bins have been placed out correctly and have been overlooked during collection, we can make arrangements under these circumstances to have the bin collected as soon as practical. 

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