Waste Management Strategy

We're committed to pursuing avenues for safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible ways of dealing with waste and improving waste services offered to the wider community. The Waste Management Strategy guides Council towards greater community participation in the management of waste by outlining a five-year action plan to work towards Council’s long-term vision, which is:

We are responsible for the waste we create. We reduce, re-use or recycle our waste wherever possible and sustainably manage any residual waste. Over the next 20 years, we aim to manage all of our own waste within the Shire as locally as possible.

To work towards this vision, four targets have been set for the next five years:

  • Target 1: Reduce the amount of waste in the average household general waste and recycling bins by 15% of the baseline (to be established in 2020/21) by 2025.
  • Target 2: Reduce contamination in recycling bins by 100%, by 2025 (reduce level of contamination to 0).
  • Target 3: Reduce the amount of recyclables in household general waste bins by 50%, by 2025 (halve the amount of recyclables in household general waste bins to less than 8%).
  • Target 4: Reduce residual waste sent from the Mansfield Resource Recovery Centre to landfill by 5% from 1860 tonnes to 1760 tonnes by 2025. (Please note: Target 4 has been amended to correct a typographical error in the Waste Management Strategy document).

Waste Management Strategy 2020-2025(PDF, 975KB)