Standing for Council


The decisions of councils affect the lives of everyone in our community. Becoming a councillor is a great hands-on way to serve your community and positively influence future directions and outcomes for your municipality. 

Mansfield Shire Council has five councillors elected for a four-year term that work in a style that reflects a board of directors. 

Councillors are responsible for setting policy and providing vision and strategic direction to the organisation. Councillors meet regularly through briefings and officially as the council at monthly scheduled meetings. 

Standing for election provides a great opportunity to influence the future direction of the local community and to help those who require support. 

The Victorian Electoral Commission are holding a Candidate Information Session in Mansfield Shire on Thursday 5 September 2024 at 6.30pm at the Election Officer (Visitor Information Centre - 175 High Street, Mansfield)

Mandatory Candidate Training

Under the Local Government Act 2020, candidates have to undertake mandatory candidate training when considering standing for Council which will help candidates understand what is involved in becoming a councillor. 

Candidates must complete the course to be eligible to nominate with the Victorian Electoral Commission. This includes all serving or former councillors intending to nominate.

The course ensures candidates fully understand the role of a councillor and its requirements and should take around an hour to complete.

Local Government Victoria Candidate Training


Who qualifies to be a councillor?

The Local Government Act 2020 (the Act) lists the qualifications to be a councillor and the electoral provisions for being on the voters roll.

How can I nominate for council elections?

Candidates are required to nominate with the Victorian Electoral Commission which open on Monday 9 September 2024 and close at 12noon Tuesday 17 September 2024. The Local Government Act 2020 requires candidates to nominate in person. Nominees must make an appointment with their local Election Office.

Further information on how to nominate is available on the VEC's website.

Read the Victorian Electoral Commission's 'Candidate handbook'.

Election Signage Guidelines

Election Signage – what you need to know

Candidates standing for local council use different forms of communication to campaign and inform the community about who they are and why they should be elected. There are rules that determine how a campaign can be advertised through social media and in traditional means, such as advertising in newspapers and in public spaces, on public or private land. This document provides information from the Mansfield Planning Scheme and Mansfield Shire’s Local Laws to ensure campaign signage meets legal requirements.

Physical signage

There are laws about the size and placement of signage on both private and public land.

If a sign relates to a candidate for an election, you are exempt from needing a planning permit under the Mansfield Planning Scheme, as long as it meets these requirements:

  • It’s less than 5m2
  • There’s only one sign on the property
  • It’s not animated or internally illuminated
  • It can only be up for a maximum of 3 months, and only until 14 days after the elections close.

Where can I put up a sign?

Any advertising signs need a permit if you put them up in a public space or on Council land. This includes local roads.

Permits can be issued for the placement of signs on public or Council land. Contact Council to discuss your request for a permit.

Social media posts

The Local Government Act 2020 requires any content that is “intended or likely to affect voting” to include the name and an address of the person who has authorised the statement.

Authorisation holds the author accountable for the content and may be relevant if there are any questions about electoral material.

The Local Government Inspectorate provides information about how candidates can meet legal requirements relating to social media campaigning at

Other resources

Community and Candidate Information Sessions

Mansfield Shire Council partnered with the Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV) to deliver the 2024 Stand for Council: Community and Candidate Information Sessions

The Stand for Council Program provided prospective candidates important information regarding the 2024 council elections, the role of council and the responsibilities of being a councillor. It aims to build community awareness to understand the important role of voters in delivering local democracy and representation.

Those who attend a Stand for Council Community and Candidate Information Session were provided with information about:

  • Local government and the important role councils play for our local communities
  • The role and responsibility of a Councillor, Mayor, Deputy Mayor and CEO
  • The election process and candidate requirements
  • What newly elected councillors can expect soon after the elections
  • Councillor training and development opportunities