Resilience Benchmarking Project

How equipped are you and your community to respond to an emergency?

The Resilience Benchmarking Project is a two-year Australian Government funded program (1 July 2022 - 30 June 2024) to engage with the following rural communities in Mansfield Shire:

  • Ancona
  • Barjarg
  • Bonnie Doon
  • Gaffney’s Creek
  • Goughs Bay
  • Howqua Inlet/Macs Cove
  • Jamieson
  • Maindample
  • Merrijig
  • Merton
  • Peppin Point
  • Sawmill Settlement
  • Tolmie
  • Woods Point/Matlock

Project Stages

Project Stages.jpg

  1. In 2022, a survey was conducted to assess the resilience of 11 rural communities in their preparedness for and response to emergencies.
  2. Subsequently, the survey results were discussed with the respective communities.
  3. Following these discussions, each community pinpointed specific actions aimed at enhancing their resilience.
  4. We provide ongoing support to these communities as they implement their plans. The measures encompass a range of initiatives such as training, provision of equipment, allocation of resources, and information gathering, tailored to address the unique needs identified during the initial survey. Examples of community-led actions under the Resilience Benchmarking Project include:
    • The purchase of 6 Defibrilators (AEDs) for rural communities.
    • 7 Emergency Mapping Workshops to identify the risks, hazards and community assets. The print and distribution of these maps is in progress.
    • 8 Farm First Aid Training, 2 Psychological First Aid Trainings, and 3 Get Ready, Get Techi - Emergency App Training facilitated by the Australian Red Cross.
    • Purchase and distribution reflecting property numbers for 273 rural properties.
    • Purchase of 1 fireproof safe.
    • Purchase of 1 solar powered beacon.
    • Community Notice Boards.
    • Purchase of catering equipment.
    • Fire Planning Workshop and Fire Safety Essentials Training facilitated by the CFA.
    • Working Dog Training
  5. A second benchmarking survey was conducted to gather information on community initiatives that have enhanced access to resources, skills training, networking opportunities, and communication channels, while also identifying areas where further action is needed.


Community Luncheon

A Community Luncheon was held mid- April 2024 as part of the Resilience Benchmarking Project to thank the dedicated volunteers for their contribution, share Resilience Benchmarking results and community achievements.

The luncheon was well attended with community members from Jamieson, Howqua, Goughs Bay, Peppin Point, Sawmill Settlement, Maindample, Merton, and Bonnie Doon coming together to enjoy a meal, and share their insights and experiences.

Guest Speaker, Paul Ryan, Director of Australian Resilience Centre and Community Leaders, Janene Ridley (Jamieson) and Nick Hyslop (Howqua Inlet) provided a presentation on a resilience theme.

The first of the seven district emergency maps was launched with Woods Point & District Map being on display at the venue.

To watch our guest speakers present their resilience theme visit -


Working Dog Training

In early May 2024, the Resilience Benchmarking Project and SIAG (Social Inclusion Action Group), in collaboration with the Australian Red Cross, hosted Working Dog Training at Delatite Station, led by trainer Gary White. Attendees brought dogs of all experience levels and corners of the Mansfield Shire. Over lunch, stories were shared, and connections made. Afternoon sessions witnessed noticeable improvement, highlighting the program's success in fostering rural connections and skill development.


Emergency Maps

Through Emergency Mapping Workshops risks, hazards and community assets were identified and 7 maps are currently being produced. The first map completed was the Woods Point and District Map. 

Woods-Point-and-District-Map.pdf(PDF, 3MB)

Merton-and-District-Map.pdf(PDF, 2MB)

Want to get involved or find out more?

Contact Council's Project Officer Resilience Development, Kerry Craig, via email at or call 0417 051 943

This project is funded through the Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grant.

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