We’re on the Up and Up

Published on 24 June 2022

Mansfield Shire Council has achieved outstanding results in the 2022 Community Satisfaction Survey, with another year of significant improvement in the overall performance rating.

Council’s overall performance was rated at 64, which is higher than the average of like shires across the State (58) and higher than the average of all 79 councils in Victoria (59).

Mayor Cr James Tehan said this was a particularly positive outcome for Council and demonstrated a rebound from previously low scores.

“It’s encouraging that the community is seeing Council’s strong performance across all services,” said Cr Tehan.

“The survey provides us an opportunity to reflect on how we can improve on our delivery of services and to confirm that our focus areas matches our community’s expectations.

“In previous surveys, it was clear that the community wanted to see action on our roads. We now rank significantly higher than state-wide and small rural council averages after having invested more than ever in our road network.

“Car parking is the only area where Council’s performance rating is lower than other councils. This confirms our alignment with the community expectations - we’re on the right track with the recent purchase of a large car parking space on High Street, which has space for 100 spaces and should mitigate some of these parking issues,” said Cr Tehan.

“We continue to rank most highly for its appearance of public areas, with a score of 84 compared to 73 for small rural councils and 71 across the state. Many of our community said that the parks and gardens were the best thing about living in Mansfield Shire.

“This year, we also improved our score on recreational facilities, which reflects the delivery of major projects including the new dual court indoor stadium, which now accommodates the demand for team sport facilities with our growing population and reflects our commitment to a healthy and connected community.

“Planning and building permits have shown significant improvement for the third year in a row. We know that population growth is important to our community. We continue to focus on strategic planning to ensure we maintain the beauty and amenity of our shire as our population and demand for housing and services continues,” said Cr Tehan.

The annual telephone survey is undertaken by the independent body JWS Research surveying 400 residents in each local government area across Victoria.

Read the full report here.

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