Unsealed Gravel Roads Being Repaired in $2.2 Million Program

Published on 05 August 2022

Image 1 - 2021-2022 Resheeting Program.png

The $2.2million expanded program to repair unsealed gravel roads in the Mansfield Shire is well progressed with work on a long list of roads having already been completed.

Mayor Cr James Tehan said the resheeting program is restoring the Shire’s unsealed, gravel roads, providing critical links for agriculture, business, residents, and visitors.

“Many identified roads have now been resheeted, with more scheduled to be completed in the coming months,” Cr Tehan said.

Resheeting repairs unsealed roads that deteriorate due to weather and traffic.

“A new 100mm layer of crushed rock is added to the road surface, then compacted and shaped. The program also includes the excavation and installation of numerous new drains as well as shoulder and table drain reshaping, to improve the drainage of the road surface,” he said.

The following gravel roads have had work completed on sections of the road as part of the 2021-22 program:

  • Gonzaga Lane, Merrijig
  • McLeod Lane, Mansfield
  • Long Lane West, Mansfield
  • Olivers Road, Mansfield
  • Banumums Road, Mansfield
  • Knights Road, Merton
  • Howes Creek Road, Mansfield
  • Pollards Road, Mansfield
  • Coles Road, Woodfield
  • Rifle Butts Road, Mansfield
  • The Sideling, Jamieson
  • Old Tonga Road, Mansfield
  • Lake Nillahcootie Road to Youngs Road, Barjarg
  • Sandy Creek Road, Barjarg
  • Tabletop Road, Tolmie
  • Woolshed Road, Woodfield
  • Buttercup Road, Merrijig

In coming months, the following roads will have resheeting work completed on priority sections:

  • Walkers Road, Bridge Creek
  • Blue Range Road, Bridge Creek
  • Saligari Road, Barwite
  • Shorts Road, Merton
  • Old Strathbogie Road, Merton
  • Kiernans Road, Bonnie Doon
  • Glen Creek Road, Bonnie Doon
  • James St, Bonnie Doon
  • Ancona Road, Ancona
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