Steiner School Compost Visit

Published on 11 November 2022

Steiner Visit.JPG

The Mansfield Steiner School recently hosted Council officers on a tour of their established food and organic waste system. The tour, which took place early in November, helped to inform Council as it continues its community engagement around the new 4-stream waste and recycling program.

Mayor Cr James Tehan said that Mansfield Steiner School has committed to the composting of food and organic waste and have a well-established system for minimising waste. 

“It’s wonderful to see this initiative working so effectively,” said Cr. Tehan. 

“The students are learning that their waste can be used productively and it’s a great incentive when they understand that their efforts can have a positive impact on the environment.”

“These are kinds of initiatives that we’d like to hear about as we implement the new Victorian Government waste legislation. However, as a small rural community, we need to make sure we come together to define what exactly we can do to separate glass and organic waste from recycling and landfill,” said Cr Tehan.

“We’re pleased with the response we have already received from the community, which will guide the format for how we comply with the new legislation. We still need everyone to get on board and contribute their ideas, feedback and concerns about how waste is collected in the Shire,” said Cr Tehan.

“How do you manage your waste at home? How would you feel about having four bins to move on kerbside collection days? What additional costs would you be willing to pay if we could more effectively reduce landfill? These questions are some of the many complex questions being asked of the deliberative engagement panel and that we’re posing to the wider community.

“Council set up four bins on the median strip in High Street to demonstrate how an urban kerbside collection may look. Feedback from community members now can help shape how our local systems are designed and avoid potential issues down the track.”

Council has engaged directly with schools to hear the voice of young people throughout the community consultation process. In the lead-up to National Recycling Week, the tour of the Steiner School’s compost system provided an example of how community can meet environmental targets on their own initiative.

Glenn Hood, Steiner School Principal said composting has long been an important part of gardening and food production at the Mansfield Steiner School. 

“It’s a part of how we teach stewardship and responsibility around our use of resources.”

Go to to contribute and help shape how Council implements the Victorian Government’s legislative changes to waste.