Irrigation System to Improve High Street Streetscape

Published on 05 August 2022


The lawn irrigation system at the western end of the High Street median strip is currently being expanded near Kitchen and Apollo Streets, continuing the streetscape improvement works commenced in 2021. Works began on 1 August and are scheduled to be complete in mid-September.

Irrigation is already in place through other areas of the High Street and Highett Street medians to keep the lawn areas green and attractive through summer. The lawns at the western entrance to Mansfield are the final sections to be upgraded.

“At the moment these areas aren’t watered, and the grass simply dies off in the heat of summer,” said Council’s Parks & Gardens Supervisor Lauren McGinty.

“I’m excited that we’ll be able to make that end of town much more pleasant and beautiful for our residents and visitors to enjoy.”

The $44,000 expansion is funded from Council’s 2022-23 Budget and being installed by Mansfield Irrigation.

Although access to portions of the median strip will be restricted for the duration of the works and to enable remediation of the lawn areas, it is not anticipated that pedestrian or vehicle traffic will be impacted. Portions of the median strip carpark may be restricted during the upgrade for short periods of time.