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Jack Macale Turtle

Jack Macale

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Jack Macale — Loodgengardinge

Jack grew up in Fitzroy Crossing in the Junjuwa community. In the early 90s he moved to his grandfather's country of the Biridu community when the land was given back to its traditional owners.

Jack's grandfather is Bunuba; one grandmother is Walmajarri and the other grandmother is Djaru. Jack's paternal grandfather was Gooniyandi. His Walmajarri grandmother was Munmurria, Daisy Andrews, a famous artist in her own right. As Daisy's close kin, Jack is a descendent of Jandamarra, an Aboriginal freedom fighter in the 1890s.

Jack grew up immersed in the Dreaming stories and traditions of his people and was helped by the wisdom of his grandfather, a wise Aboriginal elder. His ability to read and write well helped him to bridge the gap between the two worlds he found himself in. His grandfather was able to reflect upon the joys and sorrows of his people and to articulate his thoughts both verbally and through his paintings.

In school at Fitzroy Crossing where Jack was always into sports, he won his first art award in 1990, which continues to hang in pride of place at the Education Centre.

In 2006 Jack moved to Perth for four years, which had an impact on his art. Working as an art teachers' aid for one year, the teacher noticed his talent for painting and encouraged him to take his painting seriously.

Jack started sharing ideas with city artists, however he felt there was no personal connection. He started painting from the heart and noticed some of his paintings were too confronting as they reflected anger and missing his country. Inspired, he returned home to Biridii community and his family's country, where he fulfilled the need to share his traditional culture through his art, painting his ancestor's country, Dreamtime and stories ofJandamarra. Jack continues sharing these stories with people.

Jack began painting with Mangkaja Arts in 2010 and with Warmun Art Centre in 2011, then returned to Turkey Creek in the Kimberly's for a while.

In 2014 Jack moved to North Queensland to expand his experience and continue developing his skills and creativity by returning to Family and Country as often as time allows.

From 2016 Jack has been represented by Aboriginal Exhibitions Gallery, and his works are on display at their five galleries in Northeast Victoria and Albury, NSW.

Aboriginal cultural details

Language name: Loodgengardinge

Skin: Japilyia

Tribe: Bunuba I Walmajarri I Kija Djaru I and I Wanyjirra

Totem: Death Adder Home: Fitzroy Crossing — Biridu Community, W.A.



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