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Council Committees 2018

The Act allows Council, by Instrument of Delegation, to delegate any of its functions, duties or powers to a Special Committee (S86). Mansfield Shire Council does not have any Special Committees, but has a number of Advisory Committees which have been appointed with specified membership criteria and with Charters. There is no Instrument of Delegation for these Advisory Committees.

The following Advisory Committees have been established for a specific purpose and for an indefinite period:

  • Audit and Risk Advisory Committee

    The key objective of the Committee is to provide advice, as part of Council’s governance

    obligations to its community, to the Chief Executive Officer and the Council on ensuring:

    1. Effective recognition, identification and management of risk;
    2. Improved credibility and objectivity of internal and external financial reports;
    3. Compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and use of best practice guides
    4. The effectiveness of an annual audit program.

    The Committee meets quarterly in February, May, August and November. 

    Mansfield Shire Audit and Risk Advisory Committee Charter 2017 879.79 KB PDF

  • Parks and Precincts Advisory Committee

    The primary function of the Committee is to make recommendation to Council, or delegated Officer (as determined by the Chief Executive Officer), on matters pertaining to:

    • The development of strategic planning initiatives as they relate to current or new master plans
    • Identifying and prioritising staged development that could assist with appropriate enhancement
    • Maintenance considerations of a strategic nature
    • Interested parties, of a community or commercial nature, that may wish to have access to a particular location and where the expressed usage falls outside the parameters of existing policy.

    Meetings are convened as agreed between members.

    Mansfield Shire Council Parks and Precincts Advisory Committee Charter 50.96 KB PDF

  • Environment Advisory Committee

    The objective of the Committee is to advise upon and facilitate the improvement and expansion of Council’s environmental management and sustainable development programs and policies to ensure Council is undertaking and promoting environmental conservation and sustainable resource use practices.

    The structure of the committee allows for Council and relevant agency representation, as well as three Mansfield Shire community representatives.

    The Committee is scheduled to meet a minimum of six times per year.

    Mansfield Shire Environment Advisory Committee Charter 160.27 KB PDF

    For further information on the Environment Advisory Committee or any other environment issue, please contact Council's Environment Officer Damien Gerrans on 5775 8555.

  • Sport and Recreation Advisory Committee

    The objective of the Committee is to:

    • Support the implementation, monitoring and review of the Mansfield Shire Sport and Recreation Strategy 2014-2019.
    • Provide strategic advice to Council on sport and recreation matters that impact on the communities throughout Mansfield Shire.
    • Provide advice on the planning and management of sporting and recreation facilities across the Shire including the Mansfield Recreation Reserve and Lords Reserve.
    • Encourage and facilitate communication and initiatives between sport and recreation groups, clubs, individuals and stakeholders and Council.
    • Provide all sectors of the community within Mansfield Shire with the opportunity to provide input into the directions and issues considered by the Committee.

    Meetings are convened as agreed between members.

    Mansfield Shire Council Sport and Recreation Advisory Committee Charter 1.01 MB PDF


There are a number of organisations external to Council Structure which include Council representation or Council nomination of community representation.

More information on these Committees, together with the responsible Councillor, can be found here: 

Councillor Representation on Advisory and External Committees 57.16 KB PDF

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 4 September, 2018 - 16:23