Resheeting Program Completed

Published on 25 January 2024


Mansfield Shire Council’s 2023-24 Resheeting Program is now complete with 35.9kms of unsealed gravel roads upgraded.

Works were undertaken by Alpine Civil, including placing and compacting approximately 36,000 tonnes of new gravel, reshaping and grading the road surface, and improving drainage, despite challenging weather conditions.

The project results in significantly improved gravel road surfaces around the Shire, meaning smoother travel for road users and less wear and tear on vehicles.

“Gravel resheeting is important to maintain the correct road formation and shape, improving longevity and safety,” said Fabian Rukshan, Council’s Acting Capital Works Coordinator overseeing the program.

“It also allows our crews to work more efficiently and maintain roads at a higher standard,” he said.

Works have been completed on priority sections of the following roads:

  • Howes Creek Road, Mansfield
  • Mckees Lane, Maindample
  • Three Chain Road, Boorolite
  • Delatite Lane, Delatite
  • Howqua River Road, Howqua
  • Pikes Road, Mansfield
  • Monkey Gully Road, Mansfield
  • Shanks Lane, Boorolite
  • Bank Place East Side Road, Mansfield
  • Walshs Road, Goughs Bay


An additional stabilising material was used on Walshs Road, helping to address concerns raised by local residents and further increase the longevity of the road surface, along with extensive drainage improvements on the road.

For any enquiries, contact Council at or on (03) 5775 8555.


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