Playtime at The Grange

Published on 17 June 2022

Image 1 - The Grange Estate Playground.JPG

Residents of The Grange development off the Mansfield Whitfield Road now have a new children’s playground to enjoy, completing a key feature of the subdivision.

The new playground features a double swing, a Combi Play unit with slide and climbing equipment, seating, footpaths, landscaped gardens and trees and a grassed reserve.

Mayor Cr James Tehan said that open spaces enhances the beauty and environmental quality of neighbourhoods.

“The Mansfield Planning Scheme sets out the requirements for how much new open space needs to be put aside in a new residential development.

“With an eye to the future, Council strongly advocates to make sure there is sufficient open space in every new development for passive and recreational enjoyment of our community,” said Cr Tehan.

“We have received good feedback about the concerns our community have about adequate green and open spaces and to date we have set aside land such as the Botanic Park, and some smaller parcels such as this pocket park in The Grange.”

“The beauty and amenity of our environment is a strongly held value in our shire. That’s why, with every development, we consider how to balance the needs of our growing population while ensuring we maintain what makes Mansfield a great place to live,” said Cr Tehan.

Maintenance of the playground will be undertaken by the developer for the next two years prior to responsibility being handed to Council for the long term.

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