Let There Be Light

Published on 21 September 2022

Image - Proposed lighting at the Family and Children’s Centre carpark.png

The Mansfield Family and Children’s Centre carpark in Davies Street will soon be lit by new solar powered street lighting. The lighting will improve visibility and safety for visitors to the Centre during the shorter winter months.

Three lights will be strategically placed to ensure they do not intrude on nearby residents’ homes, whilst still providing sufficient light to the parking area.

The autonomous solar lighting will be powered by integrated solar panels which operate at twenty percent of capacity from dusk until dawn. Motion sensors will detect activity and increase the brightness to full capacity for a short time before returning to their default low output mode.

Mayor Cr Tehan said that Council continues to explore and implement ways to promote energy options that are affordable and self-sustaining.

“Feedback received during consultation on our draft Climate Action Plan indicates that the environment and sustainability continue to be a key priority for our community,” he said.

“Not only does the solar installation have environmental benefits, it also provides an ongoing cost-neutral solution that improves the safety of visitors to the Centre.”

Leadsun Australia will complete the $19,768 project which will be funded through Council’s 2022-2023 Capital Works Budget. Leadsun have completed solar light projects in public spaces for Council in recent years that have proven to be successful, effective, and reliable lighting solutions.

The installation is set to take place in late October 2022 with minimal disruption to carpark users.

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