Help Keep School Crossings Safe

Published on 10 March 2023

Lauren McGinty crossing

With a new school year underway, Mansfield Shire drivers are being asked to remain alert in the presence of children near school crossings. ‘Help Keep School Crossings Safe’ is a message Council is delivering through a program at local schools, helping to educate preps and children now arriving at school without parents about the safety rules at crossings.

Safety rules at crossings:

  • Stand behind the yellow line as you approach the crossing
  • Wait and listen for the whistle
  • 2 blasts of the whistle means it is safe to cross
  • 1 blast of the whistle means danger
  • Walk quickly across the road but never run
  • Dismount and push your bike across the road
  • Do not bounce balls; hold balls securely under your arm or in a bag

“School Crossing Supervisors have been trained in the safe operation of children’s crossings to ensure children arrive safely at school,” said Local Laws Officer, James Brown.

“Their approach will always be respectful and courteous but firm, to help you cross safely.”

Council’s supervised crossings are located at:

  • Chenery Street near Hunter Street
  • Malcolm Street near St Mary’s
  • Highett Street on both lanes near the skate park
  • Highett Street near Mansfield Statewide Autism Services and the Steiner School

Council also manages two unsupervised crossings near the entry to Mansfield Secondary College in View Street and Mansfield Primary School on Apollo Street.