Wolseley Hornet Show N Shine


The Wolseley Hornet Special Club of Australia will be bringing a handful of these rare 1930 - 1935 Vintage and Post-vintage Wolseley Hornet Sports and Specials; Hornet, Nines & waps cars to Mansfield!

Come and check them out!

Fewer than 120 Hornet and Hornet Specials are thought to have ever existed in Australia and New Zealand. Despite the low number, these cars entered a combined total of more than 500 sporting events in Australia and New Zealand before WWII. In 1935 a Hornet held the Australian flying quarter mile record for unsupercharged cars up to 1500cc at 102 mph, and in the United Kingdom from 1932, supercharged Hornets regularly lapped the famed Brooklands track at over 100 mph.

Hillclimb Special

Today we believe that around 48 Hornet Specials and Hornet Sports cars still exist across Australia and New Zealand, in conditions ranging from wrecks to fully restored examples. Cars thought lost or hidden for decades are still being found; most recently a 1935 14hp Special lost for 60 years in South Australia has commenced restoration. In addition to the 48, there are another 40 related OHC Wolseleys of the Hornet period, including other Hornets, Fourteens, and their 4-cylinder cousins, the Nines and Wasps.



  • Saturday, 27 May 2023 | 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM


Median Strip, Mansfield across from Commercial Hotel.

Median Strip, High St, Mansfield, 3722, View Map

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