Bald Archy Exhibition 2024


The Bald Archy is an Australian art prize, which parodies the prestigious portraiture award, the Archibald Prize. It usually includes cartoons or

humorous works making fun of Australian celebrities.

 The 2024 Bald Archy Prize

Don’t miss it – it’s the only chance to see it in Victoria, and it’s ours

Unlike more traditional portrait competitions, the Bald Archy focus is satirical and humorous representations of well-known Australians. No one is safe – the competition has gained popularity over the years for its humour, wit, and unconventional interpretations of subjects.

Winning subjects have included Kerry Packer, Shane Warne, John Howard, Pauline Hanson Dame Edna and myriad other Australian icons.





  • Saturday, 23 March 2024 | 10:00 AM - Sunday, 21 April 2024 | 05:00 PM


101 High St, 101 High St, Mansfield, 3722, View Map

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