Stone monuments are used for commemoration on monumental graves.

You can apply for a monumental works permit to construct a monument in one of our cemeteries. The mason designing your monument can help with the application.

A permit is also required to extend or reconstruct an existing monument.

Maintenance of a monument is the responsibility of the holder of the right of interment for that grave.

When arranging a monument, please keep in mind that it will need to be re-opened for any future burials.

How to apply

Step 1.Engage a monumental mason

A mason will work with you to design the monument.

Step 2.Submit an application

Application form(DOC, 3MB)

Ask your mason to complete Sections A and D, including attaching the designs of the proposed monument. Complete Sections B and C yourself.

Submit your application by:

Step 3.Receive confirmation

We'll process your application, issue a permit, and send an invoice.

Step 4.Submit a works schedule

Provide us with the dates and times of construction.

Step 5.Begin construction