Strategic Planning Projects

Recent projects that have been undertaken in the Shire are the Mansfield Town Approaches Planning Controls and Guidelines Study and the Mansfield Housing Strategy.

Mansfield Township Housing Strategy

Status - Submission Closed

Mansfield is experiencing growth in the housing market which brings with it different issues and can exacerbate existing ones.The VPA provided Council with a grant of $50,000 undertake a Housing Strategy.

Tract Consultants have provided Council with a draft set of documents for review.

Housing Strategy 4.6MB PDF

Mansfield Housing Background Summary Report 8.4MB PDF


Mansfield Township Approaches Planning Controls and Guidelines

Status - Submission Closed

The Township Approaches Planning Controls and Guidelines Study is a project that has been undertaken by Tract Consultants on Council's behalf. This project is Council's opportunity to ensure appropriate design outcomes along the four main approaches into Mansfield Township with regard to future development.

A set of draft documents has been provided by the consultants including a background report, a set of Design Guidelines, a Local Policy and a Design and Development Overlay. The guidelines and planning controls are anticipated to eventually form part of the Mansfield Planning Scheme. This will provide guidance to the development community and Council planners as to appropriate outcomes and community aspirations for the approaches. It will provide more weight in the planning scheme for the approaches in terms of Council requirements and decision making ability.

Links to the draft documents:


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