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Domestic Waste Collection

Kerbside Bins

Bin Collections

To ensure that your bin is collected on the scheduled collection day, please note the following:

  • Bins should be placed near the kerb or roadside, facing the road and placed no less than 1 meter apart.
  • Bins should be placed out for collection the night before your collection day. Late bins will not be collected.
  • Do not overfill or compact your bins as they may not be collected (Council’s contractor will not return for bins that weren't completely emptied because they were tightly compacted)

Further information about our bin collection service including what should and shouldn’t be placed in your garbage and recycling bins can be found in our Waste Collection Conditions of Supply and Service - 43kB.

Damaged Bins

We will replace broken lids, wheels and pins on garbage or recycling bins free of charge. If your bin has been damaged, please report it.

Report a Damaged Bin

Missed Bins

Where bins have been placed out correctly and have been overlooked during collection, we can make arrangements under these circumstances to have the bin collected as soon as practical. 

Report a Missed Bin

Non optional services (Garbage and Recycling)

Council provides a weekly waste and fortnightly kerbside recycling service to all properties, with a dwelling, located in the designated service area. Kerbside services are non-optional for such properties and are required to pay the annual waste and recycle charges as part of the property rates. The 2017-18 charges are as listed:

Waste bin (red lids) :

  • 240 litre - $489.43
  • 120 litre - $293.26
  • 80 litre - $165.22

Recycle bin (yellow lid):

  • 240 litre - $199.52
  • Additional 240 litre - $157.51

Community Waste Charge

A waste charge is applied to all rateable properties within the Mansfield Shire. Vacant land without a kerbside waste and recycling collection service and properties that are exempt from the kerbside waste and recycling services (due to extenuating circumstances) will incur the minimum charge to cover community waste costs. Properties that receive the kerbside waste and recycling collection service will incur a higher charge, depending on the size of bin selected. 

Community Waste Charge is $116.01

This annual charge contributes to the recovery of the following costs:

  • Maintenance and cleaning of all street and public bins
  • Maintenance of Councils Resource Recovery Centre
  • Waste Education Initiatives across the municipality
  • Litter control
  • Visitor waste management program
  • Maintenance and servicing of all public place waste/ recycle infrastructure 

More information about Waste

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I don't need a rubbish bin; can I just have a recycling bin?

    No, rubbish and recycling bins are part of a combined service and cannot be separated.

  • I have a holiday home and don't put my bins out very often. Do I still need to pay for bins on my rates?

    Rubbish and recycling charges are levied to all properties with a dwelling situated along the collection route, regardless of whether the service is required or utilised. Placing bins out for collection is discretionary.

  • I don't need a rubbish pick up, do I have to be part of the rubbish and recycling collection?

    It is not optional to participate in Council's rubbish and recycling collection service. All properties within the designated service area, with a dwelling, are required to receive the service.

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