Road Management

Phelan Bridge, Mansfield Shire

Road infrastructure includes bridges, road pavements both sealed and unsealed, signage and footpaths in both the urban and rural areas. Council is developing programs to maintain and renew these assets into the future.

Maintenance activities are performed out of our Larkins Road Depot and under contract to local service providers.

Road Management Plan

The purpose of the Road Management Plan is to establish procedures and systems for the management of public roads. Council is a road authority under the Road Management Act 2004. It is responsible for the management functions on local roads i.e. all roads within the council area, other than main roads such as VicRoads arterials.

The Road Management Act requires Council to formally set and act on road management standards based on policy, available resources and community outcomes based on consultation. Council's Road Management Plan details the objectives, standards, systems and resources that Council must implement to inspect; maintain and repair public roads for which it is the responsible road authority. It also requires Council to monitor its performance in delivering the said functions.

A copy of Council’s Road Management Plan may be accessed here.

Further information can be obtained by calling the office on (03) 5775 8555 or by email at


Temporary suspension of 2020 Road Management Plan - updated 14 April 2020

Mansfield Shire Council as Road Authority for public roads in the Mansfield LGA (excluding State and Private roads) has obligations under the Road Management Act 2004 to inspect, maintain and repair its road network subject to the limitations of its budget and resources, and subject to the standards and response times outlined in its current adopted 2020 Road Management Plan.

With the evolving Covid-19 environment, evolving operating conditions on social distancing, increased levels of co-ordination, the need to allocate more fleet to do work, staff number limitations, the need to err on the side of conservatism where staff health and staff availability can rapidly change, I deem it appropriate per section 2.4 of Council’s RMP to suspend the response times for inspection and action contained within Council’s 2020 RMP, and limit Council’s potential civil liability per section 83 of the Wrongs Act 1958.

Whilst Council will continue to deal with road related enquiry from its community, Council will prioritise any follow up according to its Road Hierarchy and to the extent of its available resources at any point in time. The community will be advised when the 2020 RMP is reactivated it its entirety.

Kaylene Conrick
Chief Executive Officer



Road Register

This Register provides information about the roads that Council is responsible for under the Road Management Act 2001.

Road Register 69KB PDF

The following main roads are managed by VicRoads. If you have any issues with these roads, please contact VicRoads on 13 11 70:

  • Mansfield-Woods Point Road
  • Merton-Euroa Road
  • Mansfield-Whitfield Road
  • Mount Buller Road
  • Midland Highway
  • Maroondah Highway

Reporting Road Hazards or Maintenance Issues

To report a road maintenance issue, please email our customer service staff at

To report an urgent hazard, please call 5775 8555.

Woolshed Lane

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