Road Limits and Closures

It is necessary at times for Council to put in place complete or partial road closures and/or restrictions across the Shire. This may be due to road works, large projects, community events, weather conditions or seasonality.

The information below outlines any upcoming closures that road users should be aware of:


Temporary road closures and interruptions 

Updated  09 July 2020

Sawpit Gully Road Bridge, Bridge Creek 

Recent rainfall has caused damage to the abutment at the Sawpit Gully Road Bridge, (700 metres west of the Mansfield Whitfield Road intersection). The bridge approach has now been temporarily repaired allowing access to vehicles of less than 5 tonne (a standard car or 4WD). The 5 tonne limit will be in place until further notice.

For enquiries concerning the closure, please contact Council on (03) 5775 8555


Seasonal Road Closures

Seasonal Closures (01 July – 30 September)

Road From To
Tin Hut Lane South of White Creek End
Little Scully's Lane Hallets Lane 100m east of Fords Creek
Pollard's Road Mt Buller Road 600m east of Stoneys Rd
Long Lane Saligari Road Mansfield Whitfield Road
Aldous Road Withers Lane Pikes Road
Black Swamp Road Greens Road Adams Lane
Eighty Acre Road Royaltown Road 350m sth of Maroondah hwy
Pikes Road Gun Club Entrance Long Lane


Vehicle weight restrictions

Load Limited - 15 tonne maximum (01 July – 30 September)

Road From To
Woolshed Road Maroondah Highway End
Hells Hole Creek Rd Dry Creek Road End
Dry Creek Road Hells Hole Creek Rd Ancona Road
Ancona Road Dry Creek Road Gate
Harpers Road Midland Highway State Forest
Glen Creek-Barjarg Rd Johnstons Road State Forest
Aldous Road Greens Road Pikes Road
Pikes Road Maroondah Highway Aldous Road
Tolmie Mahaikah Rd Old Tolmie Road Mansfield Whitfield Rd
Altmans Road Tolmie Mahaikah Rd Mansfield Whitfield Rd
Gonzaga Lane Buttercup Road End
Chapel Hill Road Hearns Lane Delatite Bridge
Donkey Hill Road Midland Hwy Harpers Road

Pursuant to clauses 7 of schedule 11 of the Local Government Act 1989, seasonal road closures and vehicle weight restrictions apply on a number of local roads from July to September inclusive each year. The restrictions are in accordance with the Council Plan to maintain and enhance the Shire's network of roads.

Those who need to operate vehicles in excess of the 15 tonnes load limit or utilise roads affected by closures may apply for an exemption permit to allow road use in certain circumstances.

Load Limited and Seasonal Road Use Exemption Permit application forms are available here. There is no charge for this permit.

The exemption permit DOES NOT apply within 4 days after any 4 day period during which a total of 20mm or more rainfall has occurred in Mansfield. 

View rainfall figures

For further information contact council on 5775 8555 during office hours.


Jamieson– Licola Road – partial road closure

15 June – 22 October 2021

Pursuant to Clause 7 of Schedule 11 of the Local Government Act 1989, Council advises, the implementation of the seasonal road closure of part of the Jamieson - Licola Road. The section of road affected is from the Mt Sunday Road intersection, approximately 36 kms from Jamieson and at elevation 1200m, through to the Mansfield/Wellington Shire boundary.

The closure will take effect from 15 June 2021 to 22 October 2021 inclusive.

For further information contact council on 5775 8555 during office hours.


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Last Updated: Thursday, 24 June, 2021 - 10:42