Walk to School Program

What is Walk to School?

Every October, Walk to School encourages Victorian primary school kids to walk, ride or scoot to and from school. It’s a great way to help students learn healthy habits and achieve the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity, every day. Studies show that it takes 30 days to build a habit. The longer we do something healthy, the more likely that healthy habit will stick. That’s why Walk to School lasts for an entire month, rather than a single day. It’s about building healthy habits for life.

Mansfield Shire Council and local schools have been active contributors to the Walk to School campaign for the past six years thanks to VicHealth funding. A range of programs have been delivered by Council in partnership with all 5 primary schools within the Shire throughout previous years campaigns, including the introduction of the Walk to School map, permanent walking way-finding signage, supplying schools with pedometers, scavenger hunts, the production of a promotional video and plenty more!

Active travel options to and from school are also a great opportunity to connect and chat with your kids, plus meet up with other local families along the way. Mansfield Shire Council understand that not all children have the opportunity to walk, scoot or cycle to, or from, school. There are other ways children can get involved and get active this Walk to School month. Parents are encouraged to speak with other families and organise walking groups; where one or multiple parents can supervise a group of children on their walk to school. Families that are driving from out of town can refer to the Mansfield Walk to School map for 6 safe drop off/pick up points, which allow the child to walk a short distance to school. Children who are catching the bus to school are encouraged to start up walking groups, walking within the school grounds, in between bus drop off and start of school. Teachers will also be encouraging activity during school hours.

When is Walk to School?

The Walk to School program runs for the first month of term 4. In 2019 the program will run from Monday the 7th of October until Friday the 1st of November.

What is happening during Walk to School month 2019?

  • ATC Mansfield and Mansfield Shire Council are holding a FREE Safe Cycle session for all primary school aged children, on Friday the 4th of October, 10am-12pm. The purpose of the session will be to equip students with the basic skills necessary for them to ride their bikes safely to and from school, solo or with their family.
  • Mansfield Shire Council will be holding a Healthy Breakfast for all Primary School students during the last week of the program.
  • The Mansfield Walk to School map will be redistributed to all students at the end of term 3. The map features 6 permanently signed walking routes within town with designated drop off/pick up points.
  • Decoration Day will be held on the last day of the program, Friday November the 1st. All children are encouraged to put their best foot forward by decorating their shoes, bikes or scooters to make Walk to School even more fun. There will be prizes awarded to the best decorated! See some fun and creative decorating tips at walktoschool.vic.gov.au
  • The Mansfield Courier will ‘profile’ a student each week in the local paper during Walk to School month. A student will be selected while they are walking, riding or scooting to or from school.
  • Spot prizes. All participants will have the chance to get some spot prizes throughout the month!

For more information visit the Vichealth Walk to School website or contact Kylie Peel at kylie.peel@mansfield.vic.gov.au, 5775 8619.


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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 August, 2019 - 10:17