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Council's goals towards sustainable waste management

Australia faces significant waste challenges due to increasing population and single use plastics. Council is continually working towards reduction of and appropriate waste disposal.

Council provides landfill and recycling bins to property owners and offers e-waste, battery disposal and cartridge disposal at locations throughout the township.

Long term goals

Mansfield Shire aims to collaborate with the community to reduce waste to landfill.

  • Council actions as per Environment Strategy

    • Develop a Waste Management Strategy in 2019-20.
    • Eliminate e-waste from landfill through Transfer Station upgrades.
    • Engage the Mansfield community about options for Green waste/compost collection.
    • Develop waste education resources to increase waste diversion from landfill.
    • Improve website to promote the responsible disposal of rubbish, recyclables, garden and hard-waste at the Mansfield Resource Recovery Centre.
    • Support agency partners and community groups with visitor waste management programs.
    • Support national community waste events e.g. Clean Up Australia Day.
    • Support local schools to deliver waste and recycling programs.
    • Advocate for changes to State and Federal policy to reduce waste associated with food packaging
  • How can the community support sustainable waste management?

    • Buy products with less packaging to influence suppliers.
    • Volunteer to help sort waste at local events so recycling is not contaminated.
    • Advocate for schools, hospital, businesses to trial community food and garden organic waste collection.
    • Support businesses to improve waste management.
    • Work with community groups and businesses to promote a circular economy with a focus on products utilising recycled material content.
    • Establish and participate in community groups (such as Climate Action Group Mansfield) that implement innovative waste reduction programs and opportunities e.g. Repair Café, Boomerang Bags, etc.

For waste related enquiries, please visit our waste page here.

Waste management strategy

Council has adopted Waste Management Strategy, which is guided by a new vision for waste in the Shire and sets targets to reduce household waste, improve recycling and reduce waste sent to landfill from Council’s Resource Recovery Centre. For more information, see here.

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Last Updated: Wednesday, 17 February, 2021 - 10:41