Sustainable & Local Shopping

Shop locally

The Mansfield Shire Council recognises that our local businesses are the heartbeat of our community and, when they thrive, we all benefit. During a pandemic it is more important than ever to help economic recovery by buying locally from businesses in our community.

Limiting the import and export of goods enables communities to lower their carbon footprint and support entrepreneurial creativity.

For more information, or to browse some of what Mansfield Shire has to offer, see here.

Local produce

There is a growing interest in creating local food systems which respect the limits of natural resources and improve the health and wellbeing of communities. Supporting local food systems can also help improve food security by increasing the availability of and access to diverse food options. Food that has less distance to travel is fresher and better quality.

Sourcing produce at the time of the year it is harvested requires less energy use, less transportation and less refrigeration. Check out our local Farmers Markets and find out what is in season now.

Check out the North East Local Food Strategy 2018 – 2022 for more information on how you can contribute to supporting local food security.

Locally handcrafted

Council aims to support our community economically and environmentally by supporting local industry.

Mansfield is the home to many talented trades peoples, crafts people and artists. Buying local products enables our community to strengthen and diversify towards a sustainable future.

If you are shopping for Christmas or building a house, using local businesses allows for excellent quality, limiting the distance people and products are travelling, all while increasing employment opportunities in our community.

Council encourages our community to shop where packaging is minimised and where producers are implementing ambitious eco-friendly standards.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 February, 2021 - 21:53