Renewable Energy

The electricity sector is the largest source of greenhouse emissions in Australia.  About 80 percent of our nation’s electricity still comes from coal and gas. The rest comes from renewable sources: mostly hydro and wind, but also from an increasing amount of rooftop and large-scale solar.

Mansfield Shire Council encourages residents and businesses to:

  • Review your household energy providers to ensure you're purchasing renewable energy, and consider investing in solar panels if you own your own home or business.
  • Make your home as energy efficient as possible
  • Review where you have your money invested (banking and superannuation) to ensure they are not supporting fossil fuels
  • Contact your local Member of Parliament to let them know how strongly you feel about the climate emergency.
  • Join local climate groups or support campaigns to advocate for investment in renewable energy.

Visit the Local Power Plan website for more information on MP for Indi Helen Haines’ Local Power Plan, which is aiming for cleaner, cheaper, healthier, local power alternatives.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 February, 2021 - 21:54