Important Community Information – Updated 23 September 2021

Environmentally Sustainable Building Design

Council’s benchmark is in keeping with Infrastructure Victoria’s Draft Infrastructure Strategy December 2020. With this strategy, the State Government is proposing higher energy efficient standards throughout Victoria by encouraging a compulsory 7-star rating on all prospective buildings by 2022 and an 8-star rating by 2025.

Energy efficiency standards are established under the National Construction Code (NCC). Visit for detailed information on energy efficient building design.

Environmentally sustainable building design will:

  • Optimise site potential by utilising north facing elements and appropriate vegetation to shade at the required times in the year and day
  • Reduce running costs from lowering energy, water and gas consumption with sustainable power options, i.e. solar
  • Healthy, comfortable living and working conditions from cross flow ventilation and greater access to natural light
  • Research has shown that energy efficient buildings have a higher re-sale value

Websites to get you started on your sustainable design journey:

State Government's Your Home website: provides a wide range of advice for passive design and sustainable building. An excellent resource for individuals seeking to improve their understanding of Environmentally Sustainable Design concepts and practice.

Sustainability Victoria: a Victorian Government website with information about current rebates, information about saving water and energy and reducing waste.

Australian Greenhouse Calculator: an online software tool that helps you understand how your lifestyle choices contribute to greenhouse gas emissions by calculating your annual greenhouse gas footprint from the information you provide.

Alternative Technology Association: an independent organisation providing practical sustainability advice for households and communities. Discuss you project and get technical advice from other Alternative Technology Association members on the online forums.

Sustainable House Day: visit some of Australia's leading green homes - homes that are not only environmentally friendly, but cheaper to run and more comfortable to live in. This annual event happens in September and has been running for over a decade.  

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 16 February, 2021 - 22:07