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An Air tractor flying over a fire affect area - image courtesy of DSE (DELWP)

Follow your Plan

The Before page has lots of information about planning and preparation.

If you have left early or had to evacuate, information about relief and recovery services is on our After page.​

Animals in Emergencies

Animals are often ‘part of the family’ and we need to plan for them too in times of emergencies and natural disasters.

Your animals are your responsibility and the best way to ensure the safety of your pets, animals and stock in times of emergency is to have a well thought out plan and to be prepared. If possible, organise somewhere safe to take your animals and leave early.

There is excellent information on the Agriculture Victoria web pages to assist with planning and preparing for your animals.

Pets and emergencies

Wildlife in emergencies

Surviving Extreme Heat

It sure gets hot in summer! But did you know heatwave can be lethal - more people die annually from heatwave than bushfire?

Heatwaves and extreme heat can affect anybody. Those most at risk are older people, young children and people with a medical condition.

The most important things to remember on a really hot day are:  

  • Keep cool
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Stay out of the sun
  • Look after yourself and others
  • Never leave people or animals in cars on hot days

Here are some useful links:

It is particularly important to think about what you would do to stay cool during a power failure.

For 24 hour health advice contact Nurse-on-Call: 1300 60 60 24
For life threatening emergencies dial 000

Power Outages

There are some simple things you can do to be prepared and stay safe when the power is out.

Power outages can happen at any time. They can be caused by severe weather, such as lightening, floods, heatwaves, bushfires or high winds, or by trees contacting powerlines. Fortunately they don't happen often in Mansfield Shire, but the best approach is to have a plan for how to cope during a power failure, particularly in very hot conditions.

Some simple tips include having access to:

  • A torch or battery-operated light
  • A phone that does not rely on electricity (such as a fully-charged mobile phone)
  • A battery powered radio for news and updates
  • Fresh water (if you rely on an electric pump for water)
  • The faults and emergencies contact number for your electricity provider
  • A list of key contacts
  • Cash so you do not have to rely on an ATM to purchase goods

Energy Safe Victoria: prepare for a power outage

NSPs - Places of Last Resort

Neighbourhood Safer Places (NSP's) are places of last resort, to provide shelter during the passage of a fire, when all other plans have failed. They are not to be considered as places to relocate to when leaving early.

Safety and survival cannot be guaranteed at NSPs and there are no proposals to offer support or services. They will offer the minimum protection against radiant heat and embers.

Road hazards, prevailing conditions and driving to NSP's may pose a significant risk that must be considered in your planning.

The CFA web page has up-to date information on NSPs is available for Mansfield and the whole state.

Neighbourhood Safer Places within Mansfield Shire

Township Location Address
Bonnie Doon Bonnie Doon Recreation Reserve

2 Davon St Bonnie Doon

Bonnie Doon Peppin Point Holiday Park

75 Peppin Drive Bonnie Doon

Goughs Bay Goughs Bay Fire Station

6 Walshs Road Goughs Bay

Howqua Camp Howqua Lodge building

127 Howqua River Road Howqua

Jamieson Paradise Point Holiday Park

1 The Avenue Jamieson

Jamieson Jamieson Memorial Hall

Perkins & Grey St Jamieson

Maindample Maindample Fire Station

41 Main St Maindample

Mansfield Mansfield Sports Complex

Highett St Mansfield

Merrijig Merrijig Public Hall

1 Alpha St Merrijig

Merrijig Pinnacle Valley Resort

1 Mimosa Drive Merrijig

Merton Merton Recreation Reserve

3138 Merton Euroa Road Merton

Tolmie Tolmie Fire Station

11 Mahaikah Road Tolmie

Woods Point Cherry Adit near rear of Police Station Kennys Track Woods Point
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