Age Friendly Communities Project

Mansfield Shire Council was one of four councils across regional Victoria to receive funding from the Department of Health and Human Services and the Municipal Association of Victoria to improve and create Age Friendly Communities by:

  • Building community capacity to develop age-friendly communities that confidently engage older people in community activities;
  • Supporting good physical and mental health, and alleviate social isolation for older people by increasing older people’s participation in active living programs and activities;
  • Fostering community development by increasing the social and economic participation and life-long learning opportunities for older people in local communities; and
  • Establishing projects for seniors community participation that are replicable in other communities and locations, and develop knowledge and learnings for sharing.

 The project commenced in 2018 with extensive community engagement to identify 5 key projects:

Transport Solutions for Mansfield Shire

Community Connect Volunteers Mansfield

Connect55 Newsletter

Technology Café Sessions

Increased Physical Activity Options


Transport Solutions for Mansfield Shire 

This project aims to increase and improve community transport options for residents aged over 55 years of Mansfield Shire and looks to establish a similar program to Tolmie’s successful, “TOAST” (Tolmie Offers A Seat To Town).

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Community Connect Volunteers  

This project aims to establish a network of volunteers representing different communities within Mansfield. These volunteers will provide a link between council and community, whilst keeping residents connected.  They meet on a regular basis with their community and Council to inform their communities of relevant information for residents aged over 55 years as well as discussing new ideas and concerns residents may have.

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Mansfield Connect55 Newsletter

This monthly newsletter will keep residents updated regarding the availability of services, programs, activities and events offered within Mansfield Shire.

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Edition 1 - Community Connect 55 newsletter June 2020

Edition 2 - Community Connect 55 newsletter July 2020

Edition 3 - Community Connect 55 newsletter August 2020

Edition 4 - Community Connect 55 newsletter September 2020

Edition 5 - Community Connect 55 newsletter October 2020

Edition 6 - Community Connect 55 newsletter November 2020

Edition 7 - Community Connect 55 newsletter December 2020 .pdf

Technology café sessions 

This project will establish technology sessions that foster intergenerational connections whilst increasing technology knowledge and skills amongst adults over 55 years in Mansfield Shire.  An adaption to this project took place during COVID-19 where residents were asked if they would like to participate in a penpal program.

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Increased Physical Activity Options 

This project aims to increase physical activity participation amongst adults over 55 years within communities of Mansfield Shire.  Community members aged 55 years or over will be trained by Active Ageing Australia in their “WASP” (Weight And Strength Program) Leadership program to become community leaders that will deliver the “WASP” program in their community, providing a low-cost and accessible program in local communities.

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For more information about these projects or to get involved contact the Age Friendly Communities Project Officer, Bianca Hurle on 5775 8563 or email 

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Last Updated: Friday, 4 December, 2020 - 15:02