Waste Vision Guides Council's New Waste Management Strategy

Tuesday, 15 September, 2020 - 16:30

Mansfield Shire Council’s recently adopted Waste Management Strategy is guided by a new vision for waste in the Shire and sets targets to reduce household waste, improve recycling and reduce waste sent to landfill from Council’s Resource Recovery Centre.

Mansfield Shire Mayor, Cr Marg Attley OAM said the vision responded to feedback from the community.

“Our vision, is that we are responsible for the waste we create. We reduce, re-use or recycle our waste wherever possible and sustainably manage any residual waste. Over the next 20 years, we aim to manage all of our own waste within the Shire as locally as possible. That’s a strong direction and reflects what the community told us as we consulted on the strategy earlier in the year,” Cr Attley said.

Cr Attley said targets have been set for the next five years to deliver on the vision.

“These targets are really important in helping guide the community regarding what they put in their waste and recycling bins and in helping Council monitor our progress,” she said.

“We’re aiming to reduce the amount of waste in the average household general waste and recycling bins by 15% and contamination in recycling bins by 100% by 2025. Contamination refers to items that are not recyclable being put in the recycling bin. When only recyclables are in the recycling bin, significantly less waste goes to landfill and that’s the outcome we are after.

“An important part of achieving these targets is educating, engaging and supporting the community. Delivery of the Strategy will be supported by a dedicated waste management officer, providing an employment opportunity for someone with a passion for waste reduction, reuse and recycling.

Cr Attley said the Strategy also hinges on the Resource Recovery Centre, as a key waste management facility.

“Developing a master plan for the Centre is therefore another important action to guide future planning and development of the facility.

“We’re really pleased that this Strategy captures our commitment to pursuing avenues for safe, cost effective and environmentally responsible ways of dealing with waste and improving waste services offered to the wider community.”

The Strategy incorporates issues and priorities as established in the workshops with the community, as well as aligning with the Victorian state-wide and regional strategic plans and legislative framework.

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 September, 2020 - 16:26