Strict On Recycling: Any Non-Recyclable Goods in Your Bin Could Send the Truck Load to Landfill

Friday, 10 July, 2020 - 10:15

Mansfield Shire Council is calling on residents to ensure their recycling bins contain only recyclable materials as recycling truck drivers note an increase in non-recyclable or contaminating items and recycling processors clamp down on contaminants.

Mansfield Mayor, Cr Marg Attley OAM said Mansfield residents highly value the environment and would be shocked to learn that if any contaminating materials end up in the recycling truck, the whole load could potentially be destined for landfill.

“This negates all the good recycling habits from residents trying to do the right thing. The truck drivers have recently noticed items as diverse as building materials, grass and general household items like doonas and blankets in the yellow-lidded recycling bins,” Cr Attley said.

“If truck drivers notice contamination in bins, they will not be emptied and the truck will not be sent back to clear a bin later,” she said.

“The industry now has an expectation of a much cleaner product being delivered to sorting plants and if they aren’t clean, the associated costs will be borne by Council, which in the end is ratepayers’ money. Things have definitely changed.”

Since the introduction of the China Sword Policy in 2018 which banned the import of most plastics and other materials headed for Chinese recycling processors, there is no acceptable percentile of contamination. Loads showing any contamination are rejected.

Cr Attley said drivers generally have a good look in the bins when the lids are up and if there is the slightest bit of contamination, the bin is not emptied and covered with a sticker indicating why it was not emptied.

“The drivers can see on the cameras the contents of bins once they are tipped. If they tip a contaminated bin one week, then next time they are back at the property they will check the bin for contamination to eliminate the problem at its source. They will now be doing more random spot checks,” she said.

For more detailed information on what can be included in a yellow-lidded recycling bin, please visit our recycling page: 


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Last Updated: Friday, 10 July, 2020 - 15:53