Soft Plastics Not Being Recycled

Friday, 26 June, 2020 - 12:00

Mansfield Shire Council is calling on residents to either place soft plastics in their red-lidded waste bin at home, or if they are taking recyclables to the Resource Recovery Centre, to ensure they are free of soft plastics.

Mansfield Shire Mayor, Cr Marg Attley OAM said Council’s recycling contractor recently advised that the recycling of soft plastics which includes shopping bags, bread bags, bubble wrap, plastic wrappers of products such as biscuits and chips, is no longer taking place in Victoria at the moment.

“Cleanaway has advised that soft plastics are no longer able to be collected as a recyclable commodity, this includes in the bins at the Resource Recovery Centre (RRC). They have told us that any that are included in commingled recycling bins will see the whole bin end up as landfill as soft plastics are now considered as contamination,” she said.

“As our community highly values the environment and has really embraced separating out soft plastics for recycling, we know they will see this as a set-back. The move is due to changes in recycling markets.

“Unfortunately, in the current climate, we cannot change this situation. The best outcome we can achieve is for people not to include soft plastics in their recycling bin so that the rest of the recyclable products don’t all go to landfill.

Cr Attley said as many residents made special trips to the Resource Recovery Centre to drop-off their soft plastics for recycling, Council has put out waste bins at the Centre for the soft plastics so that they don’t contaminate the recyclables.

“We’d ask the community to use these bins if they are going to the Centre or their own red-lidded bins so that we minimise what goes to landfill under the current circumstances. We know it is not ideal, but we thank the community for their patience until soft plastics are again being recycled,” Cr Attley said.

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Last Updated: Friday, 26 June, 2020 - 12:04