Roundabout Winter Display

Thursday, 22 April, 2021 - 15:30

A new winter display will soon transform the High Street roundabout garden to suit the changing of the weather, with the existing ‘snow in summer’ being complemented by bright blue pansies.

Mayor Mark Holcombe complimented the parks and gardens team who take such care with the roundabout garden that welcomes all to Mansfield and the High Country.

“The parks and gardens of Mansfield are a very important part of what makes our Shire such a beautiful place to live. The gardens at the roundabout are one of the town’s most visible attractions and are a credit to the work and creativity of our Parks and Gardens team,” he said.

Lauren McGinty, Acting Supervisor Parks & Gardens explained that the new look will suit the colder conditions and nothing will go to waste. 

“The geraniums will be relocated to the Council nursery at the depot, to protect them for replanting in spring and the salvias will be cut right back and covered with sugar cane mulch, to keep them nice and warm during winter.

“With the extreme cold weather and heavy frosts, it’s hard to find suitable plants to match our well received spring and summer display.

“So the team came up with ‘snow in summer’ to reflect the snow on the mountains and the blue pansies for those bluebird days that our visitors and community love,” said Lauren.

Mansfield’s parks and gardens are maintained by a team of six, and are responsible for the care of all gardens and open space areas in the Mansfield Township as well as outlying townships from Merton to Jamieson.

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Last Updated: Thursday, 22 April, 2021 - 15:38