Important Community Information – Updated 23 September 2021

Registration of Dogs and Cats helps to prevent Heartbreak

Friday, 23 July, 2021 - 11:15

If your pet is lost, having it registered and identified with a collar tag means it can be quickly returned to you. To save pet owners any heartache, Mansfield Shire Council is undertaking a major registration drive to reduce the number of unregistered dogs and cats in the municipality.

Community Safety Coordinator, Kevin Murphy said a survey recently undertaken by Council staff showed that in one street alone, 50% of all pets – the dogs and cats - were unregistered.  

“Registration is a pet’s best hope for a speedy reunion with their best friend and owner, with identification tags meaning their dog or cat can always be identified, contact made with their registered owner and then returned home. So, our registration drive is all about having this system in place so that people have the best chance of a timely reunion with their missing or lost dogs and pets that are found wandering.  It is also the law and ensures that property and  amenity is protected and safe for all” Mr Murphy said.

Identification tags are small and conveniently hang on collars with no discomfort to the dog or cat. They also support the micro-chip information that a scan of the pet should produce.

 “The heartache of losing a pet and never finding it again is all too well known to many families. Car accidents and illness can result in mysterious disappearances of family pets, which are traumatic for all members of a family. Registration allows notification to be made and when simply lost or found, makes it possible for Council Local Law Officers to quickly identify the registered owner and their current address,” he said.

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Last Updated: Friday, 23 July, 2021 - 11:29