Q&A about the financial impacts of the departure of the former CEO

Tuesday, 13 August, 2019 - 13:00

Following the departure of the former CEO, below are answers to the common questions about the financial impact of this and the process to recruit a new CEO. 

As the former CEO has left, what is the cost to Council?

Council has fulfilled its contractual obligations to the former CEO. Actual amounts will not be disclosed as they are commercial in confidence.

There was talk of Council appointing a deputy CEO or directors. Is this going ahead?

Council is finalising the process for recruitment of a new CEO (you can read the details of the process on the website). It is usual for a new CEO to consider the structure and staffing levels, so the new CEO will decide what positions are required. Council allocated in this years’ budget additional resourcing ($260,000) including a part-time communications officer. No changes will be made until the new CEO is on deck.

How did Council decide to appoint the Interim CEO?

The Mayor sought advice from Local Government Victoria about suitable people available to fill the role of Interim CEO. Kaylene Conrick was one of the suggestions put forward by Local Government Victoria and was available to start immediately. Ms Conrick was known to Council, having worked at Mansfield Shire Council previously.

Local Government Victoria provides policy and other advice to councils throughout the state.

How much is the Interim CEO being paid?

The Interim CEO is receiving the same payment as budgeted for the former CEO.


Kaylene Conrick

Interim Chief Executive Officer

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Last Updated: Wednesday, 14 August, 2019 - 09:20