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Election Period Changes Come Into Place on 22 September

Tuesday, 15 September, 2020 - 16:45

With the Mansfield Shire Council election taking place on 24 October, residents will notice changes in line with the Election Period policy (formerly known as the caretaker period) from midday on 22 September.

Mansfield CEO, Kaylene Conrick said Council will continue to operate all its services but not be able to undertake any activities that could be seen as likely to aaffect how people might vote.

“The main changes people will notice are that only Councillors’ names and contact details will remain on Council’s website, in recognition that they still have duties to perform during the Election Period. All other Councillor images and profile material will be removed from all electronic media and Council buildings,” Ms Conrick said.

“Due to the constraints, Council will post less information on Facebook and issue fewer media releases during this time, unless they relate to important Council business,” she said.  Council is permitted to promote and hold Council meetings as they are a core function of the elected Council. Council meetings will continue as normal during this time.  Council agendas and minutes will be printed, distributed or published as normal.  Any questions to Council from the public submitted for public question time that relate to electoral matter during an election period will not be considered at any Council meeting.

Ms Conrick said it is an established democratic principle that elected bodies should not unnecessarily bind an incoming government during an election period.

“Therefore, we will also be focused on ensuring Council doesn’t make any significant decisions that bind an incoming Council.”

For more information on the Election Period requirements please review the Election Period Policy.  

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Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 September, 2020 - 16:48