Council Takes Over Responsibility for Bonnie Doon Recreation Reserve

Friday, 17 December, 2021 - 09:15
Bonnie Doon

Mansfield Shire Council has been appointed as the Committee of Management for the Bonnie Doon Recreation Reserve after formally requesting management of the site from the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) in September.

Council will appoint a Community Advisory Committee early next year to ensure ongoing partnership with the community.

Chair of the existing Bonnie Doon Recreation Reserve Committee, Rod Kilpatrick, said the request was initiated by the Committee.

“For some 120 years, the development and expansion of the Bonnie Doon Recreation Reserve has been driven by local volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure the future of the reserve for the community,” said Mr Kilpatrick.

“In recent years, the responsibilities associated with increasingly onerous legislative, administrative and compliance requirements have made it difficult for volunteers to manage.

“The appointment of Mansfield Shire Council as the Committee of Management bodes well for the future growth and development of the Bonnie Doon Recreation Reserve. We’re grateful for the opportunities this provides in exposure to funding and services.”

As the Committee of Management, Council assumes the costs and risks for the premises, which include capital works such as compliance upgrades to the building and other improvements such as painting and carpeting. 

Mayor Cr James Tehan said Council had already provided regular funding and support to the Bonnie Doon Recreation Reserve.

“This new arrangement means Council can make a more direct role in managing an important community asset,” said Cr Tehan.

Luke Rogan, Program Manager, Land and Built Environment at DELWP thanked the outgoing committee.

“The committee is congratulated for its commitment and dedication to managing the reserve for the benefit of the community.”

Mayor Cr Tehan said the appointment would enable Council to seek grant funding to improve facilities.

“Council is looking forward to working closely with the Bonnie Doon community to assist in running the site.

“This decision represents a partnership between Council and community. We’re committed to making sure our outlying communities have the assets they need to support their health and wellbeing.

“Council would like to thank the previous Committee of Management for their management of the Reserve and its assets over many years.”

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Last Updated: Friday, 17 December, 2021 - 11:55