Council Gives Green Light to YAFM

Friday, 1 October, 2021 - 10:45

After 20 years, the concept of an indoor aquatic facility for Mansfield is back on the radar but this time with a new approach. Council will support Year Round Aquatic Facility for Mansfield Inc. (YAFM) to lead the charge.

Council has given YAFM the green light to come up with a community-led solution on Council-owned land. The land earmarked as a site sits alongside the Mansfield Secondary College and is on the intersection of Reynolds Street and Malcolm Street. It will work with YAFM on whether there is the need and demand for an indoor pool and how to make it feasible. This is the first step in planning for an indoor aquatic facility.

Mayor Cr Mark Holcombe said community interest in an aquatic facility had been evident for many years.

“YAFM has raised significant community funds to contribute to the project. YAFM has our full support in this project and we’re grateful for the work they have already done,” said Cr Holcombe.  

“The development of any community infrastructure requires careful planning and consideration of both current and future community need. Our population is growing and there is growing need for an indoor facility for the whole community.”

Barb Jones, Chair of YAFM, said that she was thrilled with Council’s resolution to support YAFM.

“We are so pleased that Council is not only supportive of a year round sporting facility but will work with YAFM to overcome any barriers,” said Mrs Jones.

“COVID has disrupted children’s access to swimming lessons and this presents risks for our community. We are an area of recreational waterways and a community that loves water sports. This community asset promises greater accessibility for people to learn to be safe while enjoying the water.

“YAFM has the funds, it has the leadership, it has expertise and it has the contacts to make this project work for the whole community.

“We are now collaborating with Council and this brings us another step closer to having a year round aquatic facility for the Mansfield Shire community to enjoy.”

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Last Updated: Friday, 1 October, 2021 - 11:10