Council Extends CEO Contract to 2023

Friday, 26 November, 2021 - 08:45

Council’s Chief Executive Officer will continue to lead Council with an extension of her contract resolved at Council’s November meeting.

Council unanimously voted to extend the contract of CEO Kaylene Conrick through to February 2023.

Mayor Cr James Tehan thanked the CEO for the work she had done so far and said he looked forward to working with Ms Conrick.

“Ms Conrick arrived at a difficult time for Council and we’re grateful for the achievements of the organisation under her leadership,” said Cr Tehan.

“Council is getting strong feedback from the community about the work Council is doing. We know Ms Conrick’s leadership, governance and her development of a strong organisational culture is at the core of this positive community sentiment.”

Ms Conrick thanked Council for the opportunity to continue her work and said she was excited about the year ahead.

“The organisation has been through many changes over the past few years and we are continuing to strengthen our team and our service. We’ve had to be agile and flexible in how we work and I’m looking forward to the year ahead and the opportunities it brings,” said Ms Conrick.

After an interim appointment, Kaylene Conrick has served as CEO from 27 February 2020. Ms Conrick has worked across many local government organisations in Victoria and in the Northern Territory.

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Last Updated: Friday, 26 November, 2021 - 14:40