Council Adopts Resource Recovery Centre Masterplan

Friday, 22 April, 2022 - 08:30

At its meeting on the 19 April, Mansfield Shire Council adopted the Mansfield Resource Recovery Centre (MRRC) Masterplan.   

The MRRC services residents and businesses across Mansfield Shire, and the new Masterplan outlines the works required to upgrade the site to maximise recycling and resource recovery, and to minimise waste going to landfill.

The plan has been developed in a manner that considers site access and the risk to the environment of noise, odour, run off to stormwater, storage of hazardous materials, separation of combustible recyclables, and waste management.

Mayor James Tehan said early consideration of site accessibility and mitigation of the identified risks through design (where practicable) is aimed to ensure Council meets its obligations to manage risk at the site, and can operate efficiently.

“Having a plan of what we need to do at the MRRC is the first step to improving the site and the customer experience and will help with reducing our waste to landfill, which is our main goal”, said Mayor James Tehan.

A copy of the Masterplan is available to view on Council’s website -


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Last Updated: Friday, 22 April, 2022 - 08:36