2021-2022 Resheeting Program to be Launched

Friday, 17 September, 2021 - 09:00

The Council’s resheeting program for the 2020-2021 was extended due to an additional $192,000 grant as part of the Victorian Government’s Agrilinks Upgrade Program. The grant enabled the upgrade and repair to roads effected by flash flooding in 2020 and the upgrade of key agricultural routes to create accessibility for large farm machinery in all weather conditions.

Mayor Cr Mark Holcombe said that the vast network of roads that service the Mansfield Shire community required a maintenance budget that far exceeded ratepayer income.

“We’re grateful to the Victorian Government for access to additional funds. This grant provided an opportunity for us to consult with the community, support our farmers and keep our roads safe for all users,” said Cr Holcombe.

“Rural roads provide critical links for agricultural business. Leveraging opportunities for funding and working with our communities is one way we can support the growth of our economy.

“In addition, the program enhances safe access to our vast road network for those residents and visitors to our small towns, villages and more remote locations.”

The program included the excavation and installation of numerous culverts, shoulder and table drain reshaping to improve drainage and the resheeting itself, which involves the installation of 100mm of crushed rock to enhance and strengthen the road condition.

Forty kilometres of gravel road has been re-sheeted as part of the program. The Agrilinks grant enabled key works were completed on roads identified by local farmers as causing significant issues for large machinery access, particularly during inclement weather. The resheeting program included:

  • Long Lane (west), Barwite
  • Growlers Gully Road, Merton
  • Scully Road, Mansfield
  • Kubeils Road, Merton
  • Cochrane Lane, Ancona (Fire Access)
  • Dry Creek Road, Bonnie Doon
  • Eighty Acre Road, Maindample (Fire Access)
  • Mt Battery Rd, Mansfield
  • Reynolds Road, Barwite
  • Bryrne Lane, Barwite
  • McMaster Road, Barwite (Fire Access)
  • Little Scullys Lane, Mansfield
  • Little Scullys Lane, Mansfield (Fire Access)
  • Stoneys Road, Mansfield
  • Glenroy Road, Merrijig
  • Buttercup Road, Merrijig
  • McCormacks Road, Merrijig
  • Lovick Lane, Merrijig (Fire Access)
  • Davies Rd, Merrijig
  • Archies Lane, Boorolite (Fire Access)

Council is responsible for a road network of 580km of unsealed roads as part of a total road network of 841km.

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Last Updated: Friday, 17 September, 2021 - 11:48